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Having a consistent repeatable business process is an important the key to providing an excellent customer service. The front office has a multitude of different tasks that need to be accomplished and keeping track of them takes a lot of attention. When things are busy, it is easy for something to “fall through the cracks” which could have severe impact on your customer experience or your overall cost of doing business.

Tractivity’s Workflow Management assures that every task is assigned and accounted for. Projects are created that include as many steps or tasks as needed. These projects may be saved as templates to be instantly loaded when new projects come along thus assuring that each project has all the correct process steps.

Management may also view the status of all projects using either an APP or their desktop TracManager software.


Establish a consistent business process where the status of the project is tracked and known by all relevant users. Prevent the issues of tasks “falling through the cracks”. Improve your customer experience and level of service.

TracManager – Manage Workflow

The TracManager Workflow Option provides onscreen viewing and updating of Workflow project  status by either the assigned employee or the author/manager of the project.

Dates may be automatically calculated forward or backward as desired.


iTrac APP

The iTrac APP supports Workflow enabling users to manage their projects from mobile devices.

View your projects by assigned employee

View by status

View by project

Change status