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QuickBooks Integration

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Tractivity QuickBooks Integration provides easy information sharing that eliminates double-entry. The custom integration configuration settings control what is shared as well as the level of detail.

Major Integration Points Include –

  • Customers
  • Jobs
  • Employees
  • Service Items
  • Material Items
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Job Charges
  • Receiving Receipts
  • Vendors
  • Payroll Items
  • Time sheets


Share customer information including customer name and address.

Share jobs and sub-jobs associated with a customer including job name, description and ship to address.

Employees use a unique Employee ID (account) for identity. Tractivity can share employees including name, address and payroll information

Tractivity automatically applies time-sheet and payroll rules to determine the correct payroll item for each time-sheet entry. Tractivity sends employee time-sheets to QuickBooks including (optionally) customer, job and service item references.

Inventory and non-inventory items may be shared with QuickBooks. Tractivity maintains inventory and can maintain the same item list in QuickBooks as either inventory or non-inventory.

Tractivity shares vendors with QuickBooks including names and address.

Tractivity shares purchase orders with QuickBooks.

Tractivity shares item receipts with QuickBooks including partial receipts.

Tractivity Orders may be sent to QuickBooks as a sales orders. Multiple formats are provided including support for two “Other” fields that may be mapped as needed.


Eliminate double-entry and potential human errors through integration. Reduce the number of work stations that require access to QuickBooks. Relieve QuickBooks from the burden of maintaining inventory.