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Product & Component Tracking

Efficient, Capable and Easy


TracManager W.I.P. to Ship Module provides tracking of shippable products through every stage of production and delivery. Stages are customized to fit your requirements. Products may be moved to the next stage using the TracManager program or from the Tractivity iTrac Android application from any location. This module may be used to create the certified AIA progress billing report.

  • Create barcode labels or use Cabinet Vision barcode labels
  • Supports product and component level tracking
  • Flexible: Scan products or components using an Android device, or at the touchTrac shop floor data capture station, or using TracManager WIP to Ship software.
  • Track status in real-time from shop floor or across town


A W.I.P. to Ship stage is a stage, destination or location of the product being tracked such as Cutting, Assembly, Storage A, Loading, Unloading, Installing etc. Tractivity W.I.P. to Ship supports unlimited stages that you may track to.

Tractivity W.I.P. to Ship can produce an AIA G-7-2 and G-703 report with a few clicks.

Tractivity can create a bar-code for each product that can then be scanned to move the products into a new stage. Tractivity can also support bar-code labels generated by Cabinet Vision Label-IT to track component level parts provided they are properly formatted.

Tractivity ITRAC+ Android application may be used to scan products to stages from any location. GPS is also captured when available.

Transactions are reported in real time provided the device has network access. The W.I.P. to Ship status screen is automatically updating reflecting current activity.