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HR & Payroll Preparation

Comprehensive and Automated


Tractivity captures time from all employees and uses this information along with business rule settings to automate the preparation of payroll information. This way job cost reports and payroll information are always in sync. Payroll information may be sent directly to QuickBooks as a timesheet. Payroll information may also be sent to other payroll services using an export.

Tractivity also provide general HR features to keep track of employee information, notes for recording employee interactions, custom fields for recording employee accomplishments, skills etc. and reminders.

Keep track of excused and unexcused absences, paid holidays and accrue paid time off.


Create as many custom payroll rules as needed. The rules determine the conditions for changing the compensation rate such as regular and overtime. Overtime may be determined by the week, daily or both. Special rules are available to process 5th, 6th and 7th day, night shift etc. Rules are named and assigned to employees individually.

Time punch rules determine the punch adjustments needed to conform with company policy. For example, if an employee is scheduled to begin work at 7am and “punches in” at 6:52am a decision needs to be made regarding the actual starting time. The rules may use actual punch, a snap forward, backward or nearest etc.

Planned absences for employees are supported including the date of absence and reason.

Employee normal workday schedules indicate the times that employees are expected to begin and end work each day.

Employees are assigned to a work group which provides the ability to view and report information by work group.

Employee records include several custom fields that may be used for any purpose. Most often these fields are used for general HR information.

Tractivity provides the ability to accrue vacation or sick paid time off based upon individual employee configurations.

Every employee record includes an individual burden breakout that drive labor cost reporting.

Employee compensation may be determined by the activity the employee is performing. An activity may be configured to pay a specific wage per hour, or increase the employee’s normal wage by a percent or a fixed dollar amount

Tractivity supports as many worker’s compensation rates as needed. The rates may be associated with a labor activity such as shop or field, or may be assigned to the specific employee.

Tractivity supports prevailing wage jobs. The pay strategy may be based upon the specific employee, the labor activity performed or the labor activity group. A prevailing wage assignment will adjust the employee compensation and be reflected in the job cost reports. Activities may also be configured to always exclude prevailing wage which typically only apply to site work.


Automating payroll preparation significantly reduces payroll processing time. Centralized employee  information helps management to organize and access important HR details quickly.