Estimating - Tractivity


Consistent, Easy and Connected


Tractivity Estimating provides a consistent accurate estimating method for custom wood working and cabinetry. The software provides drag-n-drop or quick-key product entry from a product catalog. Integration with Vero Cabinet Vision enables the system to import the Cabinet Vision catalog and schedules for estimating and then export estimates back to Cabinet Vision for S2M processing. Order may also be sent to QuickBooks as sales orders in a variety of configurations.


The product catalog contains the objects that are used for estimating. Each product may be “configured” using schedules or feature/option choices. Even highly custom projects may be estimated with the ability to add labor and materials to flexible product objects. Feature/option choices establish a documented specification as well as the ability to modify the price.

Tractivity can import Cabinet Vision catalogs. The Cabinet Vision materials and schedules are associated with the products and may be used to modify the product price. Tractivity estimates that have been created using the Cabinet Vision catalog may be sent back to Cabinet Vision for processing.

Product, feature and option pricing may be determined by formulas based upon the product attributes such as dimensions and custom field values.

Get instant access to estimating statistics.


Create bids and estimates faster and consistently without the need to draw the job first. Shorten the training time for new estimators. Eliminate double-entry. Create accountability with budget vs. actual comparison on every estimate. Track and recall actual history for reference purposes. Reduce the time required to respond to opportunities. Convert estimates into order quickly. Create and track change orders.