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You may be surprised at how easily you can get started with Tractivity. 

We’re confident you will be delighted with our software when you experience it with your data in your business.

Our subscriptions have no term contract and may be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at anytime.

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  • Time Tracking, HR & Payroll Preparation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Materials & Inventory
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Product Tracking
  • Data Capture From Anywhere
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Cabinet Vision Integration
  • Microvellum Integration

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Capture labor transactions from anywhere including the office, shop or across town. Simple and easy data capture methods provide employees with freedom from manual tracking methods.

  • Shop
  • Office
  • Field

Consolidate labor measurements and payroll preparation to eliminate hours of payroll tracking headaches. Apply your custom rules to keep track of payable hours, accrued time off, holidays and other HR details.

  • Automatic pay type determination
  • HR 
  • Worker’s Compensation

Multiple levels of cost reporting equip managers to drill into the details that drive costs. Configure metrics that fit your business and be continuously informed.

  • Job Cost
  • Productivity
  • Metrics

Gain complete control over your material purchases, stocking and job requirements. Know exactly what you need, when you need it and who to buy from. Account for all materials whether on-hand or charged to a job -instantly.

  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving

CAD Integration

Connect directly with Cabinet Vision or Microvellum to automate the business flow without data entry.

  • Material Library
  • Product Libraries
  • Labor & Material Requirements

Integrate with Intuit QuickBooks with customer defined integration choices automate the sharing of customer, job, employees, timesheets, materials, purchase orders and more.

  • Custom Integration Levels
  • User level controls

Automate the work assignments based upon the actual skills and equipment requirements for all committed jobs. Know today when you will be able to deliver each job allowing management to smoothly adjust resources or customer expectations.

  • Automatic work assignments
  • Custom milestones
  • Projected completions

Create an estimate within the same system that all measurements and costs live. Won estimates can easily be analyzed and compared to expected profitability.

  • Custom products
  • Custom catalogs
  • Custom feature/options

Track the products or all the way down to the individual parts and components. Unlimited customer defined “stages” or “locations” provides the right ‘fit’ for your company.

  • Create barcode labels
  • Track component and product movements
  • Real-time reporting
  • Production Status Board